Nashville based photograper, Erick Anderson, has had a camera in his hand since the days of his youth growing up in Indiana. Erick found his passion and eye for photography around the same time he picked up a skateboard. As professional skateboarding was finding a voice in the midwest, he was fortunate enough, even at such a young age, to meet, learn, and contribute for professional skateboard riders and their companies. At the same time, a love for music and live concerts was also fueling his artistic development.

With inspiration from professional skaters, musicians, and other creatives, Erick decided to continue education in visual communications and music business & production. Through interning for record labels and their creatives, he developed his interest in studio photography and the graphic arts. While interning/assisting for a professional fashion and music industry photographer, he was able to combine all of his passions for a career direction. Almost immediately out of school, he began his career as a professional photographer and graphic designer in the music & fashion industries.

Since graduating in 1996, Erick’s passion in professional photography has taken him all over the world. He has worked for professional sports teams, and has photographed musicians, actors, atheletes, and celebrities in New York, LA, London, Costa Rica, Asia, and the Middle East. He has also combined his photgraphy with graphic design for Grammy® winning artists, and albums selling millions. Yet most of his work is with independent artists, models, actors, families, or anyone else in need of having him help execute their creative visual ideas.

Although Erick is available for clients in many cities, he still calls Nashville, Tennessee his home. Equally also is Erick’s passion and love for family, friends, and animals. He is still an avid concert and music festival antendee, and can still be found once and a while enjoying the occasinal ride on a skateboard.